Assistant Manager - PADI 636213

Long story short, ten years ago, Sue came on holiday to Gozo, and, leaving the world of PR and marketing management behind, decided to stay.

Like so many others ‘of an age’, her introduction to, and passion for, the underwater world came via a black and white TV, and Jacques Cousteau. After numerous years of learning and diving around the world, her plan had been to go the technical route and explore the lure of underwater archaeology and deeper UK wreck diving. Having partially achieved that particular aim she got sidetracked, became an instructor and the rest, as they say, is history.

If you want to suck up to Sue, remember these things: she loves the underwater world and its weird and wonderful critters; and sleep, lots of sleep. Hates – disrespectors of the marine environment; and, ego’s. Favourite drink: bubbly (not lemonade), or vodka and tonic, or a nice (bucket-sized) mug of Yorkshire blend decaff tea. Favourite colour: blue, no wait, black, hang on – pink. Flip-flops size 39. 🙂