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Wow, what a couple of weeks!


Wow, what a couple of weeks Hylke and Emma have had! Hylke completed his PADI Rescue Course and PADI Deep Spec, whilst Emma really went for it and aced her PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Advanced Open Water diver courses – and, they both managed to get a decent amount of fun dives in, inbetween and after too!

Some of the instructors included Alex, for Hylke’s Rescue, with Boris, Paul, Jon, Jack and Paula as associated victims, kit handlers, victims, assessors and victims. Sue had it much easier with Emma’s courses. Don’t know what Bossman is doing there – think he just likes having his photo taken.

Well done both of you, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Congratulations Malin


After 4 days we are delighted to introduce the newest member of the PADI family.

Malin passed her Open Water course with flying colours.

We look forward to diving with you again soon and remember scuba diving is life – everything else is just a surface interval!

Malin enjoyed the course and commented:

I had a really wonderfull experience at Moby Dives. All the instructors were professional and I felt safe and well taken care of.

Congratulations Manuel


Congratulations Manuel for successfully completing your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. We hope you you enjoyed the course and we look forward to seeing you back at Moby Dives again.

Picture shows Manuel and his partner Lena and Moby Dives instructor Alex.

Staff BBQ – Party Time!


2016 Pres Season Team BBQ

What could possibly go wrong?

As is the tradition, the Moby Dives team get the season underway with a team BBQ. Monday night saw the evening start off rather civilised but inevitably turned into the party it was destined to be – after all, everyone should be able to let their hair down from time to time. read more →

Fitness for Scuba Diving – The myths!


When considering the subject of fitness and diving, it’s important debunk inaccurate information and avoid myths.

Obviously, fitness for scuba diving is important, but it’s equally as important to understand that determining physical fitness for diving is not as obvious as one might think. Scuba diving itself is not supposed to be a workout; we learn early in our dive training to avoid exertion at depth. If diving feels difficult or you are tired after diving, exercising on dry land will help you prepare for the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the sport, as well as increase your comfort in the water and your overall enjoyment of diving. When examining the subject of fitness for scuba diving on a closer level, it’s key to find accurate information and avoid myths. read more →

PADI scuba diver – Gozo style


Congratulations to Kevin on successfully completing your PADI scuba diver course and of course to Kimberley who joined us on the dives to refresh her  diving skills.

Wishing you both a happy diving future!

Congratulations Din and Hannah


As the dive season gets underway, the PADI family of scuba divers has just got a little bigger. read more →

By 2050, the Ocean Will Contain More Plastic Than Fish!


The report, which was based on the opinions of 180 environmental experts and produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, serves as a horrifying wake-up call to the reality of plastic pollution.

It’s a sobering statistic: According to a report recently published by the World Economic Forum, ocean plastic trash contaminating our seas may outweigh the fish remaining there by 2050. The report, which was based on the opinions of 180 environmental experts and produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, serves as a horrifying wake-up call to the reality of plastic pollution. read more →

Eat Chocolate Before Diving — Really


Eat chocolate before diving — it’s not only delicious, it’s good for your dive health. Chocolate on the outside soothes the skin; chocolate on the inside soothes the soul and much more. Giving someone chocolate as a romantic gesture is no coincidence; it has long been touted for its aphrodisiac qualities. When ingested in small amounts, chocolate helps energize the body during exercise and assists post-workout replenishment of muscles. Best of all, chocolate has properties that help maintain heart health for divers and reduce the physiological stresses associated with decompression sickness (DCS), aiding in post-dive recovery.

There is still a lot of discussion among researchers about the variables and specifics of how cocoa works positively on cardiovascular health, physical performance, and reducing risks of DCS, but it does. Generally speaking, outcomes point to activation of nitric oxide (NOS) and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. read more →

New website launched


We promised it was coming and we are delighted to announce that it is finally here! Welcome to the NEW Moby Dives website. There are a few updates still required, but we couldn’t wait to share it.

So what’s new?

Apart from  a brand new design, there have been quite a few ‘under-the-bonnet’ changes/upgrades as well to make the website more user-friendly. Without wanting to be too technical, here is an outline of what you can expect from the new website. read more →

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