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If you want to improve and learn this summer, this is the page for you. Underwater photographers need to read this!

Guided diving in a group is fun but getting great photographs needs time, time to wait for the fish to be in the right position, time to try a couple of different angles, time to take the shot, review it and try a different exposure setting. All things that don’t really work if trying to keep up with the guide and a bunch of non-photographing divers.

Diving with our resident expert Pete Bullen is different. Pete is an expert underwater photographer and knows what you need. He keeps his groups to 2, 3 or max 4 people and the aim of every dive is to help you get great shots. He also offers pre and post dive photography advice and coaching, tuition in Adobe Lightroom and the time and flexibility to go where the best photo opportunities are whatever you are interested in.

Pete’s groups, being very small and extremely popular can get booked up fast so check Pete’s availability by dropping us an email using the form below or calling us on +356 79914727

Please note, you must be AOW/2*/BSAC SD or above to dive with Pete

My approach
I don’t offer a formal structured course. Instead I offer guided diving at a photographer’s pace with continuous coaching and advice along the way. I believe that there are 4 elements to getting good shots underwater and I try to help on any/all of them depending on where your strengths and weaknesses are.


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