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Timeless Gozo

Gozo boasts some of the oldest freestanding stone buildings in the world, the UNESCO World Heritage Ggantija Temples dating back to 3,600B.C. The island is adorned with stunning baroque architecture inherited from the Knights of St John.

From Knights’ watchtowers to mythical caves, tiny chapels to the towering Gozo Citadel, nineteenth- century aqueducts to timeless hills and valleys, Gozo has plenty of sights to see both natural and historic – and all conveniently packed into a small island that is easy to get around and welcoming all year round with a mild climate.

Ġgantija Temples, UNESCO World Heritage Site, photo by Daniel Cilia
Ġgantija Temples, UNESCO World Heritage Site, photo by Daniel Cilia


Carnival in Gozo, photo by Tonio Schembri
Carnival in Gozo, photo by Tonio Schembri

Rooted in tradition

Gozo’s culture and way of life are rooted in tradition and yet open to the future. This is indeed an island of charm and joy that pleases the senses and engages spiritually. The visitor can roam through the quiet villages, discovering local crafts along the way and the unmissable traditional bakeries where of one can taste the best of local bread and dishes. Gozo has an incredibly active, year-round cultural life – quite remarkable for such a small place.

The vibrant calendar of annual events includes an acclaimed opera festival, distinct carnival, Holy Week and Easter celebrations and numerous summer festas tied to an intrinsic religious culture. A colourful blend of local and international events, performances and exhibitions, unfold with every season.


Myth and reality meet

Developed just enough but not too much, Gozo is a masterpiece wrought by nature and shaped by 7000 years of culture. Myth and reality meet here on what is believed to have been the Isle of Calypso in Homer’s Odyssey, where the sea nymph held Odysseus (Ulysses) under her spell for seven years.

The people of Gozo, still numbering just 30,000 have nurtured Calypso’s Island into the beautiful place we know today where the picturesque scenery, pristine coastline and untouched country trails blend with the imposing baroque churches which rise from the heart of small villages and towns. The cuisine of Gozo is testimony of the intertwining and richness of various cultures throughout the centuries.

Salt harvesting in Xwejni, photo by Ted Attard
Salt harvesting in Xwejni, photo by Ted Attard


The information on this page is taken from visitgozo.com. For more information on Gozo including trips, activities and planning your stay please visit their website.

There is also a small, informative brochure about our beautiful islands for you to download.

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